these questions are asked frequently because they are important!

I know it’s a lot of reading, but I promise this will answer many of the questions that you may (and probably do) have.

what makes you different than every other photographer?

The saying goes, “This is going to be the happiest day of your life” and I want to be a part of that. It genuinely means so much to me when someone enjoys something that I do for them. I put my all into my clients, and that shows in my work. By showing my clients that I’m so dedicated to them, they feel at ease and their pictures come out natural and beautiful.

do you travel? how much do you charge?

Yes, yes, yes. Can I say yes again? Anywhere, anytime. If travel were free, that would make my lil’ wandering heart so happy. But unfortunately, it’s not. I keep travel rates as low as I can. I will go anywhere that they will allow me to bring my equipment (some countries have lots of rules about photographers traveling into their country). I do have discounted travel to the following locations: California (bay area + LA area), Portland OR, Albuquerque, Boston MA, Asheville NC, south Florida.

I checked out your pricing page, do you only offer full day coverage and not different increments (6 hour, 8 hour, etc.)?

Yes, I only offer full day coverage packages. I want to be able to document your entire story. When I was only shooting parts of wedding days, it felt incomplete and like I missed out on a lot of joy and good times that come along with being there for the entire day. I don’t like putting limits on myself or my clients - who wants to count hours on their wedding day and worried their photographer is going to miss something because they have to leave at 9pm sharp? No one wants that. I will help you build your timeline for the day so that you know everything will be captured without feeling pressured or rushed.

can i see full galleries?

Of course! Please fill out the book me page form, and I’ll send over some galleries that I think fit your vibe.

do you meet with clients before booking?

Mostly I communicate with my clients via email, phone, text, facetime, or skype. I love my clients and I want you to feel 1000% confident in choosing me as your photographer - so yes, I’d love to meet with you! However, please keep in mind that time spent meeting with clients and not booking means that I’m losing money and losing time with family, friends, and dogs. So, if you want to meet before booking, I just ask that you are seriously considering booking me at that point. I don’t say that to be rude, I just believe in being transparent and honest. If we do plan a meeting, my weekends are usually booked with sessions and weddings, so it would need to be Monday through Thursday.

we are the most awkward people ever and we have no idea how to pose - what do we do?!

Okay, take a deep breath. Then take comfort in the fact that pretty much EVERY couple that I work with has never been in front of the camera before! My number one goal is to have you feeling so comfortable that you hardly even remember that I’m there. Rather than “posing” you, I’ll give you prompts that elicit an adorable reaction or a sweet moment. Of course we’ll get some of those “smile for the camera” shots for mom and grandma, but I want your pictures to look like you! Especially with your engagement session, I want you to feel like we’re just all hanging out, having fun, and I just happen to have a camera with me.

do you help us build our timeline?

Abso-freakin-lutely! Making sure we have enough time to capture everything that needs to be captured without feeling super rushed is very important.

how long will it take to receive my images, and how many do i get?

I will send you sneak peeks within the first few days after the wedding (hello, profile pic! #justmarried). Photo galleries will be ready within 6-8 weeks after the wedding. I don’t ever put a cap on how many images you receive, and I also don’t guarantee an exact amount. Every wedding day is so vastly different. Trust me, everything will be documented that needs to be documented. I have processes to make sure that nothing is missed. I find that focusing on an exact number of pictures takes away from being able to be creative and invested in the moment.

how about my video - how long will that take and what do i get?

You will receive your video(s) within 12 weeks from your wedding day. I know that seems like an eternity, but there’s so much more that goes into video editing than photo editing. I have to review all the footage, cut out bloopers, put the video together, pick out the perfect music, and so much more.

is videography really necessary?

Photographs are obviously amazing and so so important… but so is video. There’s something so magical and special about being able to hear the excitement in your voices, remembering the nervous dance your hands did around the ring before you put it on their finger, the moves your grandma busted out during the reception. Video often gets overlooked, but most of my couples that have opted out have said they regret not doing it after the fact. Video is becoming one of the most popular art mediums that has ever existed, and will continue to be that. What do you do when something you want to remember is happening? You pull out your phone and start recording. Let me do that for you. You and your family will love watching your video for generations to come.

how will i receive my photos and videos?

Everything will be delivered to you digitally. You’ll be able to download all your files as many times as you’d like for up to 30 days. If your package you chose includes albums or prints, you’ll get those in the mail 2-4 weeks after your final images are selected.

can we print our images?

You can! You will receive a print release will your gallery. I do not guarantee quality of anything you print yourself however. I highly suggest ordering your prints through me if you want the most bomb-ass products you’ve ever seen!

what kind of equipment do you use? do you have back up equipment?

My heart is owned by Canon. All of my equipment is high quality and reputable. And yup. I have backup camera bodies, lenses, memory cards, computers, file storage - I got two (or more) of everything.

omg i love it all - how do i book?!

First of all - wow thank you so much. Secondly, visit the book me page and fill out the form there. When I receive your inquiry, I’ll do a happy dance, and then we’ll get right to the good stuff. I will send you a custom proposal for you to pick your package, and a contract. All digital, all easy to understand. We can chat about any questions you may have over the phone or via email, or we can meet. To lock me in for your wedding date, a retainer is required upon booking. The remaining balance will be due 30 days before the wedding. Simple and straightforward. We will go over all the details of that when we start talking.